Wacky Women of the Borland House

Wacky Women of the Borland House

By borlandhousebb

November 4, 2013

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No, this is not a sneak preview of Paris Fashion Week.  I, reluctantly, admit that these were Borland House guests.  Yes, indeed!  In fact, sightings of these wacky and wonderful sisters spread throughout the county (probably has gone viral by now).  A few weeks ago these four sisters celebrated one of their birthdays in their own inimitable style.  Their 3rd annual visit to the Borland House felt like a week-end long slumber party.  Their laughter and energy filled our B&B and seemed to be infectious.  They have the gift of being able to engage even the most reticent guest.  It’s impossible not to be swept up in their fun in, simply, being together.

However, these women are not just another pretty face!  Oh, no!  These are, most definitely, women of substance.  From Mary’s Thanksgiving dinner that feeds 2200 (really!) homeless people in Harlem to Ellie’s 750 hand-knitted ear-warmers that are given out to the homeless, these women devote their lives to spreading love and joy to all who are lucky enough to be in their presence.  They inspire Bill and me to shift our way of thinking.

And, they remind us of how much our lives are enriched by each of our guests.


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