Welcome to our new feature: The Borland House Blog

By borlandhousebb

March 6, 2009

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In our Blog, we’ll try to give you updates on what’s happening in Montgomery! 

We’ll talk about special events, new restaurant reviews, new recipes, etc.

Carol and I are both new to this ‘Blog’ phenom, but we’re slowly being dragged into the modern age of communication.  We hope you enjoy this section of our website and , when you get a chance, use it to keep us up with what’s happening in your lives.  As you know, we like to think of all our guests as old friends’

So.. It’s beginning to look like spring today.  We can’t wait to go to work on the lawn and gardens and we look forward to greeting guests for wine & cheese out back and seeing guests rocking on the front porch.  We had our first Antique Show of the season last Sunday..a sure sign of spring.

Carol and I are both well and we wish the same for all of you!!

PS !   If you love great food, check out our ‘Foodie’ package.  It’s been a big hit with guests!


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