A Peek Behind the Scenes

 Guests always want to know what it is like to own a B&B.  Almost every bed & breakfast guest secretly harbors the fantasy of owning one.  As we start our 5th year as owners of the Borland House, we ‘ve been doing a fair amount of reminiscing.  We can honestly say that our experience could never be described as “dull”. However, keep in mind that reminiscing is often funnier than the actual experience at the time!

 Our first reservation occurred in July 2005.  Temperatures and humidity were hovering around the same level: 98.  Bill and I had the misfortune of spending the day packing up our antiques and loading the truck in preparation for a big antique show the following day.  Bill was appropriately attired in a paint-spattered tee shirt, shorts with a hole in the seat.  I was sporting a jaunty tee with a huge chocolate stain down the front, a blotch of dirt across my nose, and hair that looked as if I had stuck my finger in an electrical socket.  We had hit the wall about 2 hours prior, but kept on going, visions of frozen margaritas sustaining us through the ordeal. 

Yes, that is the moment the 4 neatly-groomed adults appeared before us in the driveway.  “Do you have 2 rooms for tonight?”

Clearly, they were desperate for accommodations.  I popped up, clevely standing downwind.  If only I had had the presence of mind to say, “I’m so sorry.  The owners are not here today. ”  Instead, I said, “I guarantee the rooms are a whole lot cleaner than me!” (not a statement I am proud of) Fortunately, the couples combined desperation with a sense of humor.  They ended up staying with us for several nights and are among our favorite guests.


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