What is it really like to own a Bed & Breakfast?

As we embark on our 5th year as owners of the Borland House, I am relieved to say that we may be G.P.S.-less, but we’re navigating this wacky course quite well.  Over the next few weeks or so I’d like to share with you the good, the bad, and the ugly.  But, first, you need to appreciate that when we opened up, our extensive research and professional study consisted of reading “The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Running a Bed and Breakfast”.  We laughed our way through the book’s anecdotes about mishaps, celebrity guests, financial devastation.  We prioritized our list of amenities, spent hours naming each room.  We made detailed reservation forms that rivaled an IRS audit.  We aced personality quizzes that proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are perfectly suited to be innkeepers.

You see, Bill and I are a team.  When we set up at antique shows, other dealers admire our teamwork and relaxed manner.  At a restaurant, we’re the couple holding hands across the table.  Our ideal vacation is to spend time together.  I appreciate Bill’s painting.  He appreciates my piano playing.  I admire Bill’s physical strength.  He admires my ability to “scoot”.

The problem is that our team has 2 captains and no crew.  We never even knew this until we opened up the Borland House.  I used to find it endearing when Bill rearranged my garnish on the serving platter. He used to find it cute when I remade the bed that he had just finished making.  I used to think it was quite charming that Bill was stricken with refrigerator blindness when looking for the sour cream.  He used to think it was rather sweet that I forgot the stove was on and scorched the tea kettle.  Not any more.  When we opened up the Borland House, our charming quirks turned into major aggravations.

But, over the years we have managed to laugh at ourselves more often than we ever thought possible. and, while we are pretty good about seeing the big picture, we have still not quite mastered the petty and trivial.  When we’re humming along, we’re like the NY Philharmonic.  Our timing is perfection, our balance sublime, our energy, contagious.  And, best of all, we still know how to kiss and make up.  Visit our website:  http://www.theborlandhouse.com


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