FOODIES: Back Yard Bistro Chef on Food Network

By borlandhousebb

January 29, 2010

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I wanted to follow up with you about Chef Susan’s appearance on “Chopped” the other evening.  Susan Crocker, of Montgomery’s Back Yard Bistro, was one of 4 chefs (othere were all NY City chefs).  She handily beat out the 2 male chefs and made it to the finals, going head-to-head with a female chef from Brooklyn.  In the final challenge, each chef had to prepare a dessert using Canadian bacon, lychee nuts, and–of all things–a candy cane.  The excitement escalated as the 2 women, each, prepared incredible treats.  However, the candy cane was Susan’s undoing, I’m afraid.  She, boldly, tried to melt it, but, alas, it wouldn’t melt.  Next, Chef Susan tried to melt some chocolate, figuring she’d add candy cane bits to it.  Alas, the chocolate seized up!  As the tension mounted and time ran out, Susan crushed the candy cane and sprinkled it on top of her dessert as a garnish.  Unfortunately, the judges selected her competitor as the winner.  But, to us, Chef Susan is the greatest!


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