Borland House Recipe: Chèvre Chaud

By borlandhousebb

April 7, 2010

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  Thought I’d include a recipe of one of our favorite first courses.   (4-6 servings).  This starter course is as good as it is beautiful!

3 oz goat cheese log     1/3 c. panko   2 T. corn oil   Fruit garnish

1.  Slice Chèvre into 4-6 even slices.  Roll each one into a ball.  Flatten slightly.

2.  Dip cheese into pank, pressing to be sure the coating adheres.

3.  Heat oil on medium in a 6″ skillet.

4.  Sauté the cheese for less than 1 minute on each side until golden.  Be careful not to burn the crust or cook the chèvre too slowly (don’t want it to ooze). 

5.  Remove to individual plates and serve with fresh fruit and mint garnish.


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