Winter Weekend at the Borland House: Sample Itinerary

By borlandhousebb

December 3, 2010

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1.First move is to quietly slip out of work a bit early and arrive in time to stroll down the street for dinner (Restaurants fill up on weekends, but we can always call and get you a table at one of our favorites). 

2.  Before you head upstairs to your room, grab one of our DVD’s to take with you.  Then, turn on the remote firplace, burrow under the comforter and let the week’s stress melt away…

3.  The aroma of French roast coffee will lure you downstairs the next morning.  Enjoy a candle-lit, multi-course breakfast before heading out for the day.

4.  A crisp, sunny winter day might take you on a 30 minute drive to the Walkway Over the Hudson.  You’ll traverse a 1-mile long restored railroad trestle bridge.  Great 360 degree views.

5.  Next, head to the artsy village of New Paltz for lunch and a walk around, checking out the local boutiques and antique shops.

6.  On your way back to the Borland House stop at Whitecliff or Robibero Winery for a tasting (their whites are excellent, by the way!). 

7.  Now, for the best part: an amazing in-room massage upon your return.  Our massage therapist gives a full hour, deep massage that will leave you feeling like Silly Putty.

8.  At 7:00, come to the parlor to share a glass of wine before heading out to another local restaurant — on foot.

9.  After Sunday breakfast, relax with the NY Times and, then, visit the Village boutiques and antique shops.  Don’t miss the clothing boutique around the corner.  It looks like the costume room right out of “Mad Men”.  And be sure to visit Blue Shutter Antiques, located right here at the Borland House.

10.  Stop at Woodbury Common Premium Outlets on your way home.  Winter is the best time to avoid the crowds and take advantage of the good deals.


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