Valentine’s Day Wine-tasting & Dinner: High-spirited Affair

By borlandhousebb

February 18, 2011

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The Borland House B&B hosted our first wine-tasting and 5-course dinner on Saturday, Feb. 12.  The evening was arranged by Ben at the wine shop located right around the corner from us (Season Onto Season).  More than 20 of us were all elegantly seated, bathed gently in candle light as Ben enthusiastically described the wine pairing that accompanied each course.  His passion for wine was contagious.  Ben rolled up his shirt sleeves and poured generously. We graciously did our part and embibed.  By the time we got to the 5th course, the camaraderie and energy had escalated.  At one table, a guest who happens to be a magician, began entertaining his table with various tricks and illusions.  In a manner of speaking, we all became magicians that evening and were able to make the wine in our glasses totally vanish!

Our overnight guests all participated in the dinner. It was, definitely, a treat to go from dinner to bed without having to navigate home.  We look forward to a repeat performance in the future.


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