UFO-Sighting, not sighted

By borlandhousebb

July 5, 2011

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Last week the sky was crystal clear, stars were plentiful.  Our guests arrived here for a very specific reason.  No, it was not our great breakfasts or wonderful Hudson Valley attractions that drew them here.  It was the mysteries of outer space that brought our guests to the Borland House to search for UFO’s.   They planned to drive ten minutes to a nearby area that has had many credible and confirmed UFO sightings.  Their enthusiasm and passion were,truly, infectious. Under cloak of darkness our guests stole into the night fully prepared to fend off anything from ticks to E.T.s.  Bill and I loved hearing their stories, complete with compelling evidence.  Alas, no sightings were discovered that night.  But since last week, Bill and I have found ourselves heading to the darkness of the backyard with a blanket and spending hours looking up at the sky in hopes of a sighting.  Who knows, the “visitors” might need a place to stay for the night!


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