Bellabella Organic Spa

Location.  Location.  Location.  Decadence at its very best! 

The Borland House Bed & Breakfast has THE best location imaginable.  Who cares about an ocean view or a sighting of the Eiffel Tower.  We are sandwiched between a chocolate shop and Bellabella Organic Spa.  Can’t beat that!  What could be better than spending the afternoon getting rubbed and exfoliated, then, heading right over to the Village Sampler for a healthy dose of chocolate truffles?

With pleasure, we extend a warm welcome to our next door neighbor. Bellabella Organic Spa is a full-service spa that our guests can now enjoy when they stay here.  In fact, from the Borland House you can just pad over there in your bathrobe and slippers if you wish.

But, as a responsible innkeeper, I have an obligation.  How can I recommend this to others unless, well, unless I put on my bunny rabbit slippers, do some first-hand research and shuffle over there right now…?


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