Bed & Breakfast guests are a Different Breed

By borlandhousebb

August 6, 2012

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It is our guests who remind us of why we love what we do.
Our guests are thoughtful:
We had guests who, actually, drove back to the Borland House hours after checking out to return—the 2 hangers they took with them by mistake!
Our guests are forgiving:
Having invited our guests to join us for wine, I was setting the tray on the coffee table (4 white wines, 1 red). I spilled the one glass of red wine with such force it appeared that I intentionally hurled it at the guest wearing, of course, white pants. Not only was he gracious, but he and his wife chose to stay with us a few months later. When they returned I, again, offered them a glass of wine. Without hesitation he replied, “Yes, but I think I’ll have the white this time”.
Our guests are troopers:
When the surprise Halloween blizzard occurred, Oct. 29, 2011, all of our guests had already trudged back to the Borland House from dinner when the power went out. We passed out extra blankets and battery operated candles so everyone could stay warm and not freak out. Much later, I made a final check of the parlor before heading to bed and saw one very determined couple wrapped in extra blankets and holding a flashlight so they could complete the jigsaw puzzle. Go figure! Instead of being upset, all the guests loved the adventure. In fact, they said it added to the experience of being in an 1820’s home and we should offer this as a monthly special!
Our guests are youthful:
A foursome of women stayed with us to celebrate the 50th anniversary of their graduation from nursing school. Their energy and laughter was truly inspirational. When we asked them the secret to their youthfulness, we had expected them to share medical wisdom from their lengthy careers. Their reply: a gin and tonic every day at 5:00.


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