Do B&B Owners Ever Take a Vacation?

36 hours away, mid-week.  How hard could that be for us to pull off?  The plan was, simply, to leave for the train after we served breakfast on a Wednesday, have a friend stop by later to lock up, and return home by 6:00 PM on Friday in time to greet our arriving guests.  But, the reality was like viewing a 3-Stooges movie in fast-forward.

On Monday, when none of the toilets would flush, our plumber delivered the grave news:  in order to fix the problem, he needed to return with an excavator to repair a pipe buried somewhere under our driveway.  He made a temporary repair to last for a day or 2, but could we really go on vacation  and return to 11 guests who would not be able to flush toilets?  Alas, the plumbing gods (and our plumber) were on our side.  He would take care of it before we returned on Friday.  No worries.  Hmmm.

With vacation plans tenuously in place, we faced our next hurdle on Wednesday morning.  While our guests were dining on soufflés, we had to remove the extra bed from their room, down the main staircase,  to the opposite wing of the house and make it up for guests due to arrive early on Friday.  However, parading the bed through the candle-lit dining room was not appealing.  So, as I served the soufflés delicately garnished with chive blossoms, Bill and the bed disco-ed right out the front door.  The guests never even had a sighting.

Our return on Friday became a bit problematic since all eleven guests decided to check in between 2:00 and 3:00.  Go figure.  Fortunately, we were able to enlist the help of a Tulane molecular biology major who had the where-with-all to check everyone into the right rooms.

Without a doubt, the most remarkable part was that by 6:31 on Friday, Bill and I were sharing wine with eleven guests and feeling—totally and utterly relaxed and refreshed from our 36 -hour escape!


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