Sweet Victory at Winding Hills Golf Club

By borlandhousebb

August 27, 2012

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My worst nightmare arrived in broad daylight.  “Carol, I need you to play right now. Everyone is teeing off in 10 minutes and we need1 more player!” Bill had organized a golf tournament and called me in sheer desperation. Now, I would be perfectly happy to play golf wearing a paper bag over my head so no one would be able to ID me.  But, to play in a tournament…

“No worries, Bill!  I’m on my way!”  Is there any doubt that I truly love this man?

I arrived just in time to be whirled off to the 18th tee with my partners: a scratch golfer and, the other,  the owner of the golf club.  Total humiliation was sure to follow for the next 3 hours.

Fast-forward to the last hole.  Tournament is a scramble. We are tied at 10 under with Bill’s foursome, of course, who are playing right behind us.  They finished their last hole and are watching us tee off.  Ed hits to the left of the green.  Brian goes to the right.  (Bill and his foursome are already high-five-ing each other and doing their victory dance while I tee-off).  We all watch in amazement as my ball sails to the green and lands within one inch, yes, one inch, of the hole! 11 under and we win the tournament!

Bill has, humbly, offered to be my caddy from now on.


2 Responses to “Sweet Victory at Winding Hills Golf Club”

  1. Thanks so much for your hospitality we will return ..The house is lovely and has so much history. The owners Bill and Carol are wonderful hosts..Ken in Palm Springs

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