Antiquing Obsessions

By borlandhousebb

April 9, 2013

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For me, the arrival of spring signals the start of the antique season: Brimfield, Rhinebeck, Stormville, and the bustling of our own shop, Blue Shutter Antiques, located at the Borland House B&B. As we’ve aged, a strange phenomenon has occurred: we have, actually, gotten smarter. We no longer buy the oak Hoosiers or 8-foot high primitive cupboards that we need a forklift to move to sell at shows. However, now and then, we do make an exception! You see, I am obsessed with women statues and seem to have a plethora of them here at the Borland House. I, simply, can not bring myself to part with any of them. So, when we happened upon this ethereal statue/fountain at the Pine Bush Auction last week, I fell in love.

Bill knew that I was “gone”. He, wisely, resigned himself to the fact that we would be buying her and exhibiting her in our booth at Rhinebeck Antiques Show next month. How he accomplishes this Herculean feat is a mere detail.

We showed up at the auction hoping to come away with a petite bistro set and ended up with a 350-pound, 5-foot woman. Go figure.


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